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Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards has been playing the hits in his native Baltimore since the beginning of Rock and Roll. Edwards landed his first on-air job in September, 1956 at 1400 WWIN. A protege of local TV Sportscaster Jack Dawson, Edwards briefly around that time also worked at WBAL-TV. In May, 1959, Jack landed the all-night show at 60 WCAO. It was there that he would influence an entire generation of Baltimore teenagers. Jack's smooth delivery and incredible knowledge of Top 40 music built for him a local reputation as 'The Walking Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll'. Jack held sway in the graveyard slot for more than 10 years, then moved to 7-Midnight before leaving WCAO in 1974. That same year, Edwards moved down the street to 7-Midnight at Oldies-based AC 68 WCBM. The station trumpeted his arrival with a picture ad in the Baltimore newspapers. Throughout the 70's and into the early 80's, Jack entertained Baltimore at WCBM. During that time, Edwards hosted a very popular weekend broadcast sponsored by Bowman's Restaurant in the northeastern section of Baltimore County. The program was broadcast live from the eatery for 5 hours each Saturday night, followed by 2 more hours off-air from Midnight to closing time. On August 16, 1977, Jack produced an engrossing and poignant tribute to Elvis Presley. When the 'King' died that day, Jack had about 3 hours prep time to put it together. With the help of WCBM Production Director Dave Arlington & Music Director Dexter Beane, the show came off flawlessly. Listeners heard clips from vintage interviews with Presley's friends, family, and show biz acquaintances, as well as those of Elvis himself . During the show, every Presley hit record was played in chronological order. While at 'CBM, Edwards was involved in a zany publicity stunt. On Halloween night circa 1977, he dressed up as Dracula and did his show sitting upright in a coffin in the station's parking lot. The coffin allegedly was borrowed from Jack's part-time place of employment, a nearby funeral home. The station was situated on a 2-lane road immediately adjacent to a local concert hall called Painters Mill. That same night, the 4 Seasons were playing there. At about the same time the concert-goers arrived for Frankie Valli & the boys, another rush of traffic was clogging the road to see Edwards in the coffin. The concert started well over an hour late and local traffic enforcement had to be called to the scene to untangle all of the mess. When WCBM switched their format to Talk in 1982, Jack moved on to a series of other Baltimore area stations, including WYST-AM/FM, WFBR, WQSR, & WYRE. In the mid-90's Jack did AM Drive and Middays at 1230 WITH. He played an integral role in the station's 55th anniversary reunion in March, 1996 as moderator of the reunion broadcast and host of a record hop at a local shopping mall before thousands of fans. Today, Jack still spins the platters that matter every Friday night at Tully's in Baltimore. By the way, Edwards posseses one of the nation's largest collections of original 45 and LP radio promo recordings from the 50's to today. Ask anyone in Baltimore over the age of 40 who Jack Edwards is...and they'll tell you, 'He's one of the best!'.



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