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Bill Thayer/Gene Thayer

It's commonly known in the radio business that the name of a DJ usually isn't his given one. Sometimes a personality picks one and stays with it throughout his or her career. And then, there's Bill Thayer. Bill rocked the West Coast and Hawaiian Islands for a couple of decades, and the multiple names on his resume are quite interesting. Let's take you first to the picturesque town of Butte, Montana. It was there in 1963 that Thayer landed at KXLF under the name of Billy Bear. In '64, he headed west to Monterey (a few years before Eric Burdon, by the way) and as Bill Thayer worked at KMBY. He decided that the siren song of aloha was too good to pass up, so later in '64 Thayer went to Honolulu. He took a gig at KORL using his real name...Gene Thayer. For the next couple of years, Gene moved around the islands taking his act to KHAI in '65, and then KPOI for about a year. Later in '66, Gene headed back to the mainland to spin the hits at KTKT and KCUB in Tucson. By 1967, Thayer was back in Hawaii at KKUA...under the moniker of 'Mark O'Hare'. About a year later, it was time to head back to his alma mater in Monterey. KMBY, where he again assumed 'Bill' as his first name. In '68 it was on to the city of cable cars, as Thayer secured a slot at KMPX-FM in San Francisco. Before '68 concluded, he went back to Tucson to work at KIKX and KHYT. At KIKX, Thayer was known as Lester Stephen Davis. By 1969, 'Gene' went north of the border to work at CKFH in Toronto. A year later, it was back to Tucson at KWFM-FM, followed by a return to KIKX from '70 to '72. Later in '72, Thayer made his debut at KRLA in Los Angeles as 'Bronco Birdbath'. His final on-air gig happened at KAVV in Benson, Arizona. His final air name? 'Wade Thruit'! Now you'd figure with all of that moving around thru the years, Thayer would one day put his suitcase away and stop spending so much time with the moving and storage people. Well he did. In 1980, Gene Thayer hired on with the US Department of the Interior as a law enforcement ranger. That gig he stayed with for 10 years. Now says Gene, 'I just ranch cattle and horses. I am a past member of my Masonic Lodge (Epes Randolph No. 32, F&AM, Tucson, Arizona, and a member of Sabar Shrine, also in Tucson'. Thayer's ranch is located near Vail, Arizona just outside of Tucson. He's been married since 1966 (to the lovely Mary Ellen of Wailai Kahala, Hawaii) and both are the parents of two grown daughters and grandparents of 2 more. Thayer and his wife look forward each October to their Baja trip for surf, sun, and sea. Gene/Bill adds, 'I think Broadcast Radio, with the exception of "Talk Format", has gone to you-know-where-in-a-handbasket. I keep waiting for something original, but the creative juices seem to have dried up'. Yes, radio is a different breed of cat these days...but for those who were raised on Hawaiian & West Coast Top 40 in the 60's and 70's, guys like Gene (or Bill, or Lester, or Bronco, or Wade) really entertained the listeners. E-mail Gene at (El Topo)



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