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Bob Mathers

HEAR BOB'S AIRCHECK FROM APRIL, 1977! - Click on Real Audio or Windows Media above to play.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Bob's first on-air experience began in 1975 as a member of the US Air Force for American Forces TV in Incirlik, Turkey. In 1977, Mathers entered his first commercial gig as the all-night jock at WSUX-FM in Seaford, Delaware. Being young and restless, Bob moved to the Seattle area later that year and landed a gig as News & DJ guy at KUPY, Puyallup, Washington. He always wanted to work in his native Baltimore, so Bob moved back to his hometown in late 1978 and was hired as the first full-time Production Director in the history of Country station 93.1 WPOC-FM.

Two years later, Mathers moved back to the Northwest and for the next several years, worked on-air at 1460 KGAA (AC), 101.5 KPLZ-FM (AC), and 1150 KSPL-AM (Oldies/AC)...all in Seattle. In June of 1984, Bob was brought back to Baltimore as AM Drive personality at 95.1 WRBS-FM (Christian).Four years later, Bob moved to the Keystone State and for the next 5 years, worked full-time at 1320 WGET-AM in Gettysburg. He also worked part-time at 910 WSBA and 103.3 WARM-FM in York.

In late 1993, Mathers moved back to Baltimore and worked at 1230 WITH. He stayed there for 4 years. In May, 1997 he became VP of Programming & Sales at 970 WAMD in Aberdeen, Maryland. The station featured one of the largest oldies playlists in the country. Furthermore, Bob's unique format presentation delivered a financial profit for the owner (the first in 20 years), proving that even with a small signal competing with a similarly formatted major market FM (WQSR), success could be achieved. In early 2001 (after efforts to purchase WAMD fell through), Bob made the decision to leave commercial radio and launch Ultimate Oldies Radio. One of Bob's radio memories? 'In June of 1979 I went to New Haven, Connecticut for a few days with fellow WPOC co-worker Ann Dudley. I had to be back at the station in time for my Saturday shift at midnight. I left New Haven on the train in plenty of time, but when we got to Wilmington, Delaware...the electricity which powered the high-speed train went out. After sitting on the track for 2 hours, we finally resumed our journey. I arrived at WPOC's Rotunda building studios at 12:15 AM. 15 minutes late. The person on the air before me, Trish Hennessey, was safe to say slightly irritated at the late arrival and wanted to get out so she could meet her husband and drive to Philadelphia to visit family. After I banged on the first-floor window, she went around to the side of the building to let me in. In those days, there were 2 sets of doors leading out to the parking lot. You had to be careful, because if the inside set closed behind you, you were locked out. Guess what happened? 15 minutes later, Trish and I woke up a dozing security guard and he let us in. Trish skedaddled and I went into the studio. There was one cart in the machine. 'Womanhood' by Tammy Wynette. I grabbed another song, slammed it into the deck, keyed the mic, and said, "That was Tammy Wynette on FM 93 WPOC".

In late October 2001, Bob accepted a position with Infinity Radio's Oldies 102.7 WQSR-FM. For the next 2 years, Bob served as an account executive and voiceover talent for Baltimore's Oldies outlet and the Ravens Radio network. After spending a year and a half with an area broadcasting school, Bob turned his full time attention to freelance voiceovers, producing oldies shows, DJ'ing weddings and events and developing Ultimate Oldies Radio. In 2006, Bob took on a new position as Placement Admission Director at a national training center for broadcasters based in Seattle. Bob also continues to host concerts and produce oldies events. Bob worked for 8 years with the legendary Buddy Deane as his producer and agent and hosted a musical tribute to Buddy in the fall of 2003 that drew over 1,200 fans. Bob has also emceed concerts for the likes of the 4 Tops, Frankie Valli, Ronnie Dove and other legendary performers.

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