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Sandy Singer

To have worked in any profession for parts of 7 decades, you have to have more than talent. Enthusiasm and versatility are also hallmarks of such a person. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sandy Singer. His career started at the age of 12. As a child actor in Chicago, Singer starred on radio network shows like Captain Midnight, Jack Armstrong, Tom Mix, and Little Orphan Annie. Later on the big screen, Sandy was featured in the Warner Brothers film, 'Jamboree'. If that's not enough, the personable Singer is a Magician, Ventriloquist, Pilot, and Tournament Bridge Player (He's a Life Master). On top of all that, he's also done a 'little' radio. On top of all that, he's also done a 'little' radio. A professional musician, Sandy debuted in 1949 at WEEK in Peoria, Illinois, as the world's only piano playing disc jockey. After spending 3 years there, it was obvious that if his act would play in Peoria, it would play anywhere. However, Sandy would have to perform his shtick in the military. While serving for Uncle Sam down south, Singer did a stint from 1952 to '54 at WBBQ in Augusta, Georgia. Upon discharge from the service, Sandy went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There he worked radio & TV at KCRG. In 1957, Sandy Singer landed a primo position at the legendary WIND in Chicago. He held court there for 2 years. Then in 1958, Sandy Singer began a decade-long run of success at WLOL in Minneapolis. By this time, Sandy was well-known for his weekly program on the career of Frank Sinatra. By 1969, Singer found himself in the City by the Bay. KNBR, San Francisco is where he called home until 1973. By '74, Singer returned home to Chicago and for the next 16 years, worked mainly in TV production. By 1990, Sandy decided to go back on the air. He turned up at KAAM in Dallas. Then in 1996, Singer went to Nashville to work at WAPB. He's still there as of late 2001. In addition to his Music City duties, Sandy Singer does a one-hour Sinatra tribute program each week via the internet at Sandy Singer would enjoy hearing from you. Why not e-mail him at



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