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Tedd Webb

Born and raised in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida, Tedd Webb is today a major broadcaster in that area. Before we tell you about the Tedd Webb of today, let's rewind the time machine to 1963. Lesley Gore was a teenage singing sensation, Route 66 was a major US thoroughfare, Sandy Koufax was leading the L.A. Dodgers to a World Series crown and Tedd Webb made his debut at WALT in Tampa. Just like, Rock and Roll...Webb was 'here to stay'. After cutting his radio eyeteeth at WALT, Tedd segued in 1965 to WYOU. One year later, he landed at WPAS in Zephyr Hills, Florida. As is the case with many a young broadcaster, continued opportunities for advancement were found in the form of a packed suitcase. Therefore, Webb went north in 1967 to WSOO in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Staying for awhile on the Michigan Peninsula, he moved over to WIDG in St. Ignace, Michigan in 1968. The following year, Tedd returned home to the Florida Gulf Coast with a stint at WCWR in Clearwater. Later that year, it was on to WKKE in Asheville, North Carolina. But by 1970, Webb made the move to the market where he remains to this day...Tampa. In 1970, WFSO in Piniellas Park, Florida brought Webb into the fold. He stayed there for 3 years. In 1973, he began a run of tenure at various ports o' calls in that city, including WDAE-FM (1974), WLCY (1975), WPLP (1978), and WNSI (1980).

While at WLCY (Y95), Webb was involved in an April Fool's stunt that was without a doubt too successful. The date which will live in Tampa Bay area law enforcement infamy is April 1, 1976. Tedd recalls, 'While working at Y95 in Tampa Bay, fellow DJ Jay Hawkins cooked up a plan to have a caller (me) phone in a request for 'DOA' by Bloodrock, obviously a song that was not being played on an AC station like Y95. Jay, who was working nights, would put me on the air and simply say "yeah, we'll get to it" but never play it. Finally 2 hours later while Jay is doing the weather (listeners heard) a loud knock on the studio door, and in breaks the irate caller (me) screaming "You would not play it! Well, I brought it down for you to play, Here, get it on the air RIGHT NOW!!!". A fake fight ensued, you hear cart racks being knocked down, people bouncing around the room and finally Jay saying, "I've been stabbed!!!". Silence follows, until another jock (Ben Christopher) walks into the control room and yells, "Someone get a doctor, Jay's been cut!!". We waited for about 45 seconds to yell "April Fools!", but it was too late. Many of our listeners had already phoned the police. As I was leaving the station I saw units from 5 different agencies. Tampa Police, St. Petersburg Police, Florida Highway Patrol, Hillsborough County Sheriffs and Pinellas County Sheriffs arrive. Later on, units from Largo, Pinellas Park, and Kenneth City would also respond. Needless to say, Jay and I were history the following morning'.

In 1981, Tedd had a few more hits to spin, so it was over to Q105 in Tampa. Then in 1983, Tedd the old 'boll weevil' who was lookin' for a home within a home...found it at legendary 970 WFLA. Nearly 2 full decades later, he's still there. Tampa Bay radio listeners feel Tedd is a much a part of the landscape as the Gulf-to-Bay Causeway and the palm trees which line I-95. His work runs the gamut, from radio to TV. He handles color commentary in area College Football (the yearly Outback Bowl) and the weekly area High School Football game-of-the-week. Tedd also hosts WFLA's morning show (AM Tampa Bay) every weekday from 5 til 9 with Jack Harris & Sharon Taylor.

In February, 2006, Tedd shared this bit of news, 'On my web site there is an aircheck of me doing Arena Ball play by play for the Tampa Bay Storm. It's an interception return for a TD, and I get a little excited. 'He looked like a Gerbil running from Richard Simmons'. My color commentator lost it, cracked up.'

For those who love photography, Tedd is your kind of guy. He once owned a photo studio in town and is publishing a book on black-and-white photography. The recipient of many awards over the years for his public speaking (including one from Toastmasters International), Webb is as active today in the Tampa Bay market as ever. Tedd publishes a weekly commentary on major news events. You can find that at his 'Webb' page (

Like Lesley Gore's first hit record, Tedd Webb is still #1 with Tampa Bay residents. When you get the chance, why not drop Tedd a line at In late 2002, Tedd launched his own web site. You're invited to visit him at



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