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Steve Ray

Born in Baltimore and raised in Washington D.C., this lover of great oldies was brought into the world the same day that 'Rock Around the Clock' was recorded. Steve Ray shares a few traits with some other personalities profiled on these pages. Like Lan Roberts, he ended up 10,000 kilometers from home at ICRT Radio in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a tough period in his life and career...and like more than a handful on these pages he diverted from radio to work in television and motion pictures. Steve's love of broadcasting started after a family friend took him along to watch him work early one Sunday morning in the 1970's. The family friend happened to be Ted Miller, the network booth announcer for CBS-TV's 'Face the Nation'. In the same month, a DJ from a now defunct radio station in the DC suburbs visited his high school and the next day he began interning for the host after school. Steve ended up cracking the mic at WOHN when the jock locked himself out of the station while catching a smoke. He was one of the youngest to be tapped during the Top 40 heyday of the mid-70's at 95.5 WPGC. With his infectious laugh and delivery that was compared to a young Steve Allen, a young Steve Ray soon leapt to Los Angeles by 1980. Along the way he has interviewed every Beatle but one (you'll have to guess which one!), oldies legends like Jerry Lee Lewis & James Brown, and a host of contemporary recording artists as well. Ray has been heard nationwide on the Westwood One Radio Networks 'Oldies Channel'. He's also seen duty at heritage stations like KMPC, KIST, K-LITE, KRLA, KERN, & KGRB. He also created and hosted the syndicated show 'The Rock and Roll Revue'. Steve was also the billboard announcer for the longest running program produced for AFRTS (American Forces Radio & TV), 'The Golden Days of Radio'. He was at KMPC on that fateful morning in 1994 when a 6.8 earthquake hit Southern California. Having arrived early to produce some material for Charlie Tuna's morning show, Steve crawled through falling ceiling tiles and dangling wires and pushed open the studio door to go on the air at 4:37 AM. He was eventually joined by a pretty stellar group that made its way through a blackened city. Charlie Tuna, former KHJ newsman Marv Howard, Scott St. James, Operations Manager John Felz and Steve kept things going for the next 8 hours until things began to recover. While Steve was on the air at KMPC, his home in the San Fernando Valley was being tagged by earthquake inspectors as an unsafe dwelling. It was the eventual loss of his home and the resulting financial ruin that led him to the PD slot at ICRT in Taiwan. It was an eye-opening experience and one that he'll never forget. Programming CHR & AC for a loyal group of expatriates and 23 million Chinese was the test of a lifetime. After a year in Taiwan and a brief national gig for the mainland in Shanghai, China, Steve came home to the US. He discovered that as a result of his 2 year exodus, most LA radio programmers forgot him. It was like starting over again with a series of board operator jobs, weekend fill-ins and morning show sidekick gigs. His international radio experience paid off when he got the call to be one of the first Format managers for WorldSpace Digital Radio in his hometown of Washington D.C. Ray created the Jazz, Classical, and CHR/Dance formats from scratch and helped launch the first direct satellite radio service in the world. How's that for a 'leap-of-the-week'? Steve says, 'One day I'm driving 2 hours to read the news for a guy I had to restrain myself from upstaging and the next day I'm driving back across the country to program three new formats for listeners on 2 continents'. Ray adds, 'No matter what else I've done, either as a media consultant, or acting & directing for film and television, I've always returned to radio, since it is my first love and something that comes naturally to me. When I have the opportunity, I always prefer to present the great music from the mid-1950's to the mid-1970's". It was that knowledge that landed him at Oldies 100/WBIG-FM in Washington, DC while he was stil at WorldSpace. He briefly revived 'the Rock & Roll Revue' show for WBIG while there full-time and these days has turned his attention to talk radio. Steve is now Director of Programming for Radio America in Washington, D.C. and has set his sights on bringing the lessons of music programming to the talk format. You can e-mail Steve Ray at



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