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Davy Jones (Paul Bicknell)

The year was 1963. AM radio was king, and every market had a dominant Top 40 station. In Springfield, Massachusetts it was 56 WHYN. It was there that Paul Bicknell entered what many refer to as 'this crazy business'. Davy (shown to the left in a 1967 publicity shot) recalls those early days. 'This was my first big break. Had the greatest GM I ever worked for ZACK LAND (May he rest in peace) He spent two hours every morning with me after I went off the air with airchecks, he would go over every break and ask me "why I did this or that" he would then tell me how it should have been done. He was a master teacher and remained a dear friend until his death in the late 80's'. In '65, Davy/Paul moved for a time to heritage AM WBZ in Boston where he did fill-in and overnight work. In '67, it was for a brief time back to 'HYN before landing a gig at WPGC in Washington DC. Davy recalls: 'This was the most fun I ever had. Great Staff, Great Management, Great Numbers-the original "FLAMETHROWER." From '67 until '72, it was Davy Jones in a number of slots (PM Drive & Evenings) and positions (Production Director & Assistant Program Director). From 1972-75, he worked at WMAL-FM. Later in '75 it was a move over to FM 98 WMOD. In 1976, Jones launched an ad agency under his birth monicker, Bicknell & Associates. Then in 1980, he sold the company and went back on the air as a talk show host on Baltimore's Radio 11 WBAL. Bicknell recalls, ' I started with a Weekend Music Show, called "For the Good Times." Management (Al Burk) (who became a dear friend after he retired) gave me the opportunity to take over the overnight show, my first venture into Talk Radio. I did that for 4 years'. Beginning in 1984, Bicknell expanded his work in freelance voiceovers while at the same time, keeping his hand in radio. He spent time at WCBM Baltimore on a part-time basis and co-hosted a talk show in 100 markets on the American Radio Network. It was in the mid-90's that Jones went back on the air in the nation's capital as a platter spinner for Oldies 100 WBIG. One evening, Jones flair for the unpredictable surfaced when he resigned on the air at WBIG and was promptly delivered to go on air that same night at DC Oldies Competitor XTRA 104 (WXTR 104.1). According to Davy, 'I did a show (at XTRA 104)called "Rock and Roll Request-o-Matic. It was a clone of the Request-O-Matics of WPGC. In fact Bill Miller, (Tiger Bob Raleigh of WPGC) did all the drops for the show. This was the most fun I ever had in radio. The show was all requests and ran from 7PM-Midnight Saturday nights. Format changed, I was paid off and left under good terms. Like many Top 40 personalities, Davy spent time with many of the legendary singers of the era. He recalls one such episode. 'While at WPGC as Music Director I used to "babysit" the bands when they came into DC. We had Crosby, Stills and Nash as a guest on one occasion. I escorted them back to their hotel around 1 AM. They did a few "enhancers" and suddenly Stephen decided he could "FLY". So, out of their room they go, me chasing him and David Crosby. Up the elevator, to the stairs that lead to the roof...Stills is standing on the edge of the building screaming "I can fly!!!" I'm about 25 feet from him...s******g my pants. Suddenly I get a bright idea, I said to David, "hey he can't fly, he doesn't have any night lights" David says "geezus, you're right, and screams this to Steven. Steven stops "flapping his arms, turns and bolts for the stairs, David follows, both laughing like crazy. They slam the door, locking me on the roof. They left me there for about an hour, finally came up and opened the door and laughed and laughed at me. It was a bizarre event, one I've never forgotten'. Today, Davy, er Paul has resigned from The Image Generators and moved on. He is now a principal in Read Street Sound and Video of Baltimore MD. His partner is the legendary Jay Harrison, known for his ear and ability, as one of the best broadcast engineers/producers on the East Coast. Paul and Jay are heavily involved in the commercial arena, Paul doing the selling, writing, and voicing for numerous clients across the United States. Jay creating the "sound" that makes the difference. You can contact him



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