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Sam Beasley

Sam made his start into Baltimore broadcasting during 1963 as an apprentice to 'Long Tall Lean Lanky Larry Dean'. WITH Radio is where Sam learned the fundamentals of personality radio. While in high school Sam devoted a lot of time between 8 p.m. - Midnight during Larry's air shift assisting Henry Sampson in taking telephone dedications, music requests from hundreds of Larry Dean's loyal listeners, and gathering news reports from the Associated Press and the United Press International teletype wire services for the hourly newscasts. A true pioneer, in February 1964, Sam was the first teenage DJ to hold a full time radio program on Baltimore radio. He held down the 10 a.m. to 12 Noon mid morning slot Monday through Saturday until Kitty Broady was hired to begin Gospel Melodies in that daypart. Sam then took on Saturday and Sunday while the station continued to build a staff of other well-known veterans in Baltimore radio. As a Teenage DJ, Swingin' Sam was among giants in the industry! Larry Dean, Paul "Fat Daddy" Johnson, Al Jefferson, Maurice "Hot Rod" Hulbert, Kitty Broady, "Rockin' Robin", Kelson "Chop-Chop" Fisher, Vernon "Mr. Vee" Blackmun and sports director Colts #24 Lenny Moore. You could hear Swingin' Sam at anytime as he was the main DJ to fill in for any of the major personalities while they took vacations. Sometimes you could even listen to Swingin' Sam in two different day-parts on the same day! To this day he remains friends with Henry Sampson, "Sir Johnny O" Compton, and Joltin Joe" Parker whom also began their on air careers thanks to Larry Dean. He lost his friend and part of his crew of the 60s Champ "The Seventh Son" Hagins. By 1969, Sam was the morning drive voice on 1010 AM WSID while attending Morgan University. Later, he was hired away by the man, whom launched his broadcasting career, Larry Dean, then General Manager at WEBB 1360 A.M. Radio until James Brown, the 'God Father of Soul' bought the station.

In later years Sam Beasley continued to work in radio and television on the other side of the microphone as an Account Executive and a radio General Manager developing revenues for large and small businesses using the influence of advertising. He soon realized that there were thousands of businesses that needed his services and the power of broadcasting to benefit his client s bottom line. Those same businesses also needed services and solutions provided by other professionals that became his network of contacts. In fact, Sam s clients would ask if he could recommend providers that could assist them from insurance products to legal issues and more. Through Sam s network of clients and business contacts, he was able to make referrals that made a positive difference in the success of their businesses. A few years ago Sam found a company that provides small business owners access to experts in their field of operation as well as experts that are needed to advise them in every other aspect of operating a successful business, including legal counsel and representation! This arrangement makes it possible for many professionals, like you, to offer their clients or their company s clients added benefits without any conflict of interest on your part or your company's part. An online presentation further details the business concept that Sam is currently involved. What makes it even sweeter is that you're paid handsomely year after year. If you know someone who could benefit from this concept, it can be found at: smartbusinessworks Sam will personally work with you to take advantage of this remarkable system. As you can see, to this day...

Sam Beasley is still the visionary. He can be reached through us.



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