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Johnny Holliday

If ever a broadcast personality is identified with the 60's, it's Johnny Holliday. Yet, today's followers of Maryland Terrapin Football & Basketball will also echo that sentiment regarding play-by-play broadcasting. To put it simply, Mr. Holliday has done it all. Born in Miami, Holliday began his broadcast career in Perry, Georgia. By 1959, he was making a name for himself at WHK in Cleveland. Fans of the Ron Jacobs' Cruisin' Series will instantly recognize Johnny's act on 'Cruisin' 64'. In 1965, Johnny Holliday was named Radio Personality of the Year. By the mid-60's, Johnny Holliday was literally all over the country. If the airlines had frequent flyer miles in those days, Johnny would have owned one. By the mid-60's, Johnny was in San Francisco at KYA. In addition to his work for the legendary Bay area Top 40 outlet, he was the staff announcer for NBC-TV's 'Hullaballoo' program. Holliday was no stranger to Red-Eye flights. While in San Fran, he co-emceed the Beatles last stateside concert. His credits also include a stint at 1010 WINS in New York and voiceovers for the Roger Miller TV show. By the 70's, Johnny Holliday settled in the Washington DC area. He's been calling every play for the Terps for 3 decades, and he's also done radio stints in the area, including 1260 WWDC-AM. Holliday is also an accomplished actor and has for many years given of his time and talents to charitable causes. There is a lot more to tell you about Johnny Holliday. You can find it at Steve has co-authored with the subject a book about the life and career of Johnny Holliday. Published in 2002, 'From Rock To Jock' is a must read for radio afficionados and fans in general. We're happy to add that Johnny Holliday is one of the more down-to-earth and approachable people in the radio business. You can e-mail him at



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